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More Brine Uses recipes included



1. Southwestern Vinaigrette-(works great with spicy pickles or pepper parade)  Use 3parts olive oil to 1 part brine, add a bit of chopped cilantro, a dash of agave and lime juice and you will have a dressing that will last you weeks. 

2. Garlicky Vinaigrette-Garlic Pickle or Green Tomato Brine mixed with olive oil and Dijon Mustard, add a dash of salt and pepper to taste.

 3. Drink it!!!-*Add to your favorite Bloody Mary Mix  *Make a Pickletini-Gin or Vodka * "PICKLE BACK" to your favorite shot. YUM!  especially TEQUILA---book end the shot with the brine. 

4. Pickle Cole Slaw-In a bowl take the brine and add it to mayonnaise, a dash of cayenne pepper and a smidge of Agave.  Add some chopped cabbage and mix.  Top with a chopped Completely pickled pickle.  

5. Use the brine for cooking- boiling potatoes, poaching fish, in Tuna Salad or replace the brine for vinegar in any recipe.  

6. The brine can be used for healthy purposes-Curing hiccups, hangovers, heartburns or use it just before working out. 

 7. Completely Pickletini:  Muddle a half of pickle with 2 oz. of your favorite Gin or Vodka, and a 1/2 oz. of pickle brine (juice), shake vigorously, strain and serve up with a pickle spear.


8. PICKLE BUCK: over ice 1 oz mixer and elixir 2 oz vodka 1 oz fresh squeezed lime 4 oz ginger beer.  

9. PICKLED PINEAPPLE MARGARITA: -Muddle a piece of pickled pineapple with strained pineapple brine -add 2 oz tequila -1/2 oz Agave -4 oz sweet and sour or marg. mix shake, pour over ice add a touch of Siratcha YUM


10. QUICK & EZ ARTICHOKE DIP- Take the last usable ingredients from the bottom of the jar of PICKLED ARTICHOKES (garlic, last heart and leaves,juice) blend  them together in a food processor with cream cheese, sour cream or anything you want to make a creamy dip.